Integration Counseling

In groups and for individuals, Sharanya offers some help or guidance to those who have done psychedelic work.

Often, during Holotropic Breathwork sessions or sessions of other psychedelic work, people experience confusion or disorientation. Sometimes, deep work is difficult to integrate, or transformation is so deep or rapid that the participant feels uneasy, uncomfortable, afraid, or ungrounded. Speaking with someone about this can help a great deal.

Participants who work in non-ordinary states of consciousness sometimes feel the need to check in regularly with someone so that life begins to retain and reflect the changes that the work demands. Participants often report a sense of being dislodged from their former stances in the world, which leads to a feeling of being at odds with their immediate environments.

Sharanya offers group sessions and individual conversations to people who feel the need for it. She brings over 20 years of experience and study to the work and is eager to share this with others who are traveling this extraordinary path. To learn more, email Sharanya.