At University of the Earth in the Sierra Nevada’s Mohawk Valley, CA

December 21-23, 2018

With Cal Parrott

From Rich Silver, EcoPsychologist, Founder and Director of University of Earth:
The Solar Year comes to a close with our Winter Solstice Ceremonial Gathering for Personal & Planetary Healing and Transformation.  While the value and practice of such ceremony and ritual have been part of my life for nearly 40 years, Sandra Ingram’s new book, The Book of Ceremony emphasizes its paramount importance in these our changing times.  In fact, psychosocial theorists, Carl Jung, Max Weber and others claimed in the early 1900’s that it was the loss of ceremony and ritual that has derailed society.
Please join us for our third ceremony of Holotropic Breathwork* here a U of Earth with Certified Grof Transpersonal Training Facilitators Cal Parrot and Sharanya Naik.
Legal, safe and substance free, Holotropic Breathwork (HB) continues to amaze me with its efficacy in delivering exactly what the psyche/soul needs for healing and wholeness by providing simple access to one’s own unique “Inner Healer.” As originator Stan Grof indicates, Holotropic Breathwork is to the psyche, what the microscope is to biology, and the telescope is to astronomy.
The format will remain the same as previous HB events, as will the cost of $195, which includes four meals and free lodging. Room assignments will be made on a first to reserve, first to serve basis. Partial scholarships may be available.
Friday 12/21 – 7pm – 9pm: Introduction & Orientation
Saturday 12/22 – 9am – 9pm: Breathwork Sessions & Group Sharing
Sunday 12/23 – 9am – 11am: Integration & Closing Circle
Our maximum capacity is twenty-four (24) participants. We have approximately 15 people pre-registered with actual registration and payment collection beginning today. Please email Janet at to receive your payment request and registration information to secure your place.
“Enchantment is the oldest form of medicine.”
I can’t think of a greater gift you can give yourself for this holiday season than to join us on this enchanting land for the enchantment of HB!  Hope to see you here!

“If there is to be a future it will wear the crown of feminine design.”  ~Sri Aurobindo

“The future can only exist when we understand the universe as composed of subjects to be communed with, not as objects to be exploited.” ~ Thomas Berry